Tourism at the Grassroots: Villagers and Visitors in the Asia Pacific

Even in two regions where tourism is of considerable economic importance, there have been remarkably few studies of the impacts of tourism in rural areas of eastern Asia and the Pacific. Moreover, the shift towards ecotourism, touted as a more environmentally benign form of tourism than mass tourism, has extended the reach of tourism into more remote and fragile environments. This shift has drawn more local people in rural and remote areas into a partly tourism economy, involving them as participants in the tourist industry. Yet we know remarkably little about who have been the beneficiaries of these developments. This new collection focuses on both the interactions between tourists and villagers, and the impacts of tourism at the local level, considering economic, social, cultural and environmental changes. It traces changes in structures of vulnerability as tourism becomes more prominent, the role of tourism in community development (or localised tension) and examines issues of governance, the role of tour operators as intermediaries, cultural change and other local impacts. In short, it will examine the changing role of tourism in local development (or its absence). It includes case studies drawn from a broad geographical area across eastern Asia and the island Pacific. This book will be useful to those researching and studying Tourism, Geography and Development Studies.

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