Australian Humanities Review, Issue 44 2008

Essays Shino Konishi lsquo;Inhabited by a race of formidable giantsrsquo;: French Explorers, Aborigines, and the Endurance of the Fantastic in the Great South Land, 1803 Kevin Murray Keys to the South Stephen Muecke Cultural Studiesrsquo; Networking Strategies in the South     Raewyn Connell Extracts from Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science     Margaret Jolly The South in Southern Theory: Antipodean Reflections on the Pacific     Reviews Reviewed by David Carter The Book is Dead (Long Live the Book), by Sherman Young     Reviewed by Paul Gillen The Ways of the Bushwalker: On Foot in Australia, by Melissa Harper     Reviewed by Anne Maxwell Speaking Truth to Power: Public Intellectuals Rethink New Zealand, edited by Laurence Simmons, and Edward Said: The Legacy of a Public Intellectual, edited by Ned Curthoys and Debjani Ganguly     Reviewed by Emily Potter Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica, by Tom Griffiths     Eco-Humanities Corner Emily Potter and Paul Starr     Australia and the New Geographies of Climate Change     Val Plumwood Shadow Places and the Politics of Dwelling Val Plumwood (1939-2008) in memoriam

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